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Welcome to Cat Mario. Its an Html5 Game

Tip for this 2d game: Try to Save Yourself With Hidden Traps and memorize traps 1000$ tip as fast as possible run and jump

From where was cat mario originally from? – It is created by the Japanese Developer in the year 2007 In japan.

Syobon Action is an online html5/js game. Cat Mario is online for free play on a browser. People Know this game with the alternative name Cat Mario. Its Original name is Syobon Action. This is actually a very Famous 2d game. It’s a typical rage game. This may be one of the very first games ever created, and amazingly it still holds up to this day! In this game, every level has only 1 checkpoint and 6 levels, but I guarantee you never end 1 level without play 50 times, or for some people, it’s impossible. Its not the original version. This game is modified and created by lijia tiwb in html5 version. Syobon action is originally created in html5/js.

Adobe Flash Player is going to die in 2020 december

Then first question hit your mind. how can we play flash 2d cat mario game and other games. Dont worry our impossible cat mario game is not in java script (js). We have html5 version of game on our website. After 31-december-2020 you can easily play cat mario without adobe flash player end of life.

How to pass cat Mario level 1?

How to pass Cat Mario level 1
Go Pass all the obstacles all the way end and when you are in the end, then jump over Flag, wait for the ghost to appear from surface and go up then move back to the flag and jump on it. That’s how you are going to win cat Mario level 1.

How to pass cat Mario level 2?

How to pass Cat Mario level 2
At the start of level 2, a regular game, you just walk in the Mario plant pot, but in this game, when you go in the pot, you will die. You have to jump in the upper pot and avoid everything like bad mushrooms. When you go up in the pot, you are also going to die. You have to dodge the ghost. 

When you go in the plant pot, then jump when you touch the surface because the surface is going fall when any weight is going to touch the surface. Avoid mushrooms every mushroom you take, you are going to die in this game. 

If you want to pass the ghost left-right moving, you have to hit on the first mystery block, then mushroom is coming out of the block and going to kill that ghost, which has a crown in his head. 

How to pass Cat Mario level 2
You have to hit a mystery block when he is in the mid of the block, then easily jump and find a way easily. There are many hidden traps similar to level 1. hidden traps: bad cloud, wall break down, everything you touch 90% chance you are going to die. 

Your only mission is to complete the mission then run fast as possible dodge every trap. in the last, you have to go first plant pot because if you go up from the first pot, you are going to die when you are trying to go in a plant pot in owata zone. 

Hidden trap when you jump forward to plant pot 1, then stop at the start because if you touch the surface, the surface is going to fall, and you are also going to die. Jump over the surface from the start, then go in a plant pot. 

Only last step left, you have to jump on the top yellow point of the flag continuously bouncing on the top point of the flag, then jump on the second flag. Congratulations, Done mission passed.

How to pass cat Mario level 3?

How to pass Cat Mario level 3
At the start of level 3, avoid the mystery box. If you do that, starts will appear and going to kill you. There is also a hidden trap from the mystery box 4 steps away, the surface is going down. If you need to pass this step, you have to collect a mystery sign, then you have to jump on a mystery box from stars. (the star is the enemy) (dodge the hidden traps). 

Next step, you need to go to the end corner of the surface, then jump hidden mystery box is appeared then jump on it and jump on the block, then jump more one step. In some versions, there is also a secret area when you jump you are going to fall then something appears in the falling area, and they give you a huge jump in a secret area where you can collect coins and everything nothing can kill you then when you are going in the plant pot. Your death is compulsory because when you falling from the sky and touch the bad cloud ( avoid the secret area). 

If you don’t want to go to the secret area, then hit the mystery box, then jump on it, then jump over and over. Now you see the lines stop in the air first line is going to broke when you touch. only jump on the second brick as fast as a possible jump from the second brick to the surface. Don’t touch the third line. It can push you away, and you are going to die. Also, don’t jump on before line the block; it spiked can also kill you only jump on the surface (land). This level is harder than level 2.

If you want to end this game, then don’t touch any mystery block. Don’t go in planting pot warning die chance 100% if you are in the middle of the game. In the middle of the game, there is a white robot on the other side of the surface doesn’t hit any hidden mystery block. If you hit, you are going to die because some yellow laser kills you if you try to jump from the mystery coin block.

How to pass Cat Mario level 3
The robot is not a threat; he can throw you away from its fun. When you pass the robot, then you see 2 big plant pots. You have to jump on the first plant pot then jump over from the second because you are going to die if you jump on the second you have to jump over to the flag checkpoint. Don’t jump on the spiral; it will kill you. It goes too high, and don’t hit this left side block you have to go over it then jump on the surface on air when you touch the surface rapidly fall you have to be very fast to jump to the second portion of plant pot then jump to the flag wait there is a robot waiting for you to throw you when you are going to the endpoint.

Again you have to jump on the first portion of the plant pot, then only jump one time on the turtle, then jump a second time, then the turtle goes away and kills every threat in its way follow him and jump on the flag fastly. Wait, there is one trap left laser that is going to kill you. If you are going to jump at the surface middle forward to the flag, the laser will kill you. You have to jump forward to flag when you can’t see the flag. Mission completed end (turtle only kills robot if you don’t kill robot with a turtle, there is no end).

How to pass cat Mario level 4?

How to pass Cat Mario level 4
Here I am going to tell you how to beat the last level of cat Mario in some version but in our version have 6 levels. Yes, you hear right Cat Mario has only 6 levels. I also hear from people there are 10 levels, but those are only opinions, not reality. When you play, there is only level 6, but on some versions of Cat Mario, there are only 4 levels.

Don’t hit the mystery block. You are going to die there is also a smiling cat shape box which is going to kill you because when you are going to pass the cat box is going to falling on you and the surface is also going to fall down you have to be very fast when crossing box and jump fastly.

 There is a hot ball out from the lava up-down. You have to save yourself from that ball. Next, there is the laser balls line. There is also a switch of laser on-off hit that because when you hit that on-off block, the laser is going to very long, then there is no chance of survival but if you want to survive run and jump fast smartly. Don’t touch anything and jump over the next surface. 

Then also pass that hot ball jump over it very fastly. If you don’t jump fast, the surface is going to break, and you are going to fall. You need to jump on the corners of the surface next to laser balls, then the surface doesn’t break. Then jump on the next surface and stop on the start corner of the surface because everything is going to fall but not that place. Then jump on next location and eye on laser when crosses you then run fastly and jump but jump from the end of the surface there is a hidden on-off button when you hit the button then the laser is going to big then your death will be compulsory save from dying yourself with my experience run fast and smartly jump. Its Compulsory, Because if you don’t hit that button next laser never are going to small and you are never be able to pass next step. 

How to pass Cat Mario level 4
When you pass that area, there is also a hidden mystery box, then jump from the last blocks. If you jump from last, you are going to fall into the lava. You can see two mystery blocks under its another trap you can’t escape from, so yeah, I am going to tell you full details of how to beat this cat Mario level 4. Now, this part is hard when you cross two laser line balls tip is you have to run and jump fastly as possible keep trying, don’t worry about failure. You won’t win in first play that’s why you are here.

Don’t hit any mystery blocks. These are all traps. When you pass the next laser ball, then there are hot balls coming to you to kill you. You have to jump on the laser and rapidly jump from the yellow laser line then stop on that surface there are fireballs waiting for you to jump over and kill you you have to be very fast to dodge the fireballs and don’t step on jumping spring it will kill you and through you away from this world lol. In this game, you have to jump on the next surface and go into the plant pot.Now you see flag stick, you have to jump over it and then jump on flag mission completed. 

 ” In some versions of cat Mario, the level is different. There is a cat at the end in love with you if you want to save yourself from another side cat you have to hit first mystery block there was a poison mushroom coming from the block then fastly hit the third block there is a robot in there when they come up he is going to throw away poison mushroom on the other side of the surface fastly run with a mushroom when mushroom touches the trapped cat it kills them now you are safe from Cat Mario trap cat. (It’s really hard to do this try, and you can do this then the surface is going to fall on you you have to get forward as possible when the surface has fallen then pass the stick fastly surface its then end but wait you have to pass Cat Mario boss chicken. 

Sorry, but I also did this in the 40 tries. I find that cat on the other side is also a trap. The final level is not as easy as you thought; there is a hidden trick to end this. Now you have to hit the only third mystery block where the robot appeared last time, you have to jump on the robot when he right away on the jumping rope then it can throw you away but not killing you everything is end mission is completed. We bet you if we don’t tell, you were never able to do it in 5 to 10 tries. “

How to beat Cat Mario level 5?

How to pass Cat Mario level 5
In the start, you have to jump on yellow lines very fastly one by one jump and cross over it when you reach the surface, then same as level 1, cross the hurdle and jump over the flag and now again jump on the flag. Congratulations, Cat Mario Level 5 ended. This level is easier than Level one, two, three, and four. The very easy level only jumps.

How to pass Cat Mario level 6?

How to pass Cat Mario level 6
You have to run and jump fastly at this level because the surface is going to fall in on you. Have run as fast as you can to the Mario plant pot, then you are safe. You have to cross the stairs, jump over the flag and now jump on the flag. Congratulations now, leave 6, and the cat mario game is ended. Yes, cat mario Level 6 is the last level. Tips jump on ghost can give your jump boost only to finish this mission to jump on ghosts and save from falling surface. Very tough level run as fast as possible.

My Review on Syobon Action:

My Review on Syobon action (cat mario) is the best game I ever play for time passing in the office, and I challenge you every passing level. If you need to finish this game, then follow my instruction. 

How to download Cat Mario?

You can also play this game on your all Devices. This game works on every version of Your Device also work on every version of windows. Only download from my given links below and play on your devices and i challenge you can never pass level 2 without instructions:

Can you download syobon action?

Yes you can, Syobon action (cat mario) free download full version:

  • FOR WINDOWS :     
  • FOR ANDROID :       
  • FOR APPLE :             

If you need any help or any question in your mind then feel free to contact with impossible cat mario at our contact page.

how to win cat mario

how to play impossible cat mario

Cursor keys  Left ← and → Right to move around the screen, use Up ↑ to jump and ↓ Down to enter in the pipes.